EHBPC 2019 Zürich-Looking for a third player

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EHBPC 2019 Zürich-Looking for a third player

Beitragvon ERTZ » So 7. Jul 2019, 16:01

Dear Bikepolo Austria!

Me and Kalman are looking for a third player for the Euros. We got the second eastern-europe slot, but sadly, nobody can join us from Budapest (no day offs left or no money). But luckily, we can choose anybody, because we are both from Budapest, so our team got the 2/3 from the eastern region.
So this is why we are looking a third player from Vienna. We played together many times, so I think we can get easily on the same wavelenght.
-Travelling: We still have one seat left in our six-seater Vw Transporter, and we need to cross Vienna on the way to Zürich, so we can pick you up easily, and bring you back. The whole trip cost around 80 euros. Starting on Thursday morning from Budapest, and arriving back on Monday evening.
-Accomodation: Details are here (, we reserved beds and floors too, we can speak later, what do you prefer.
-money,money,money: It's not cheap, and most of the costs have to be paid in advance. It means: Players registration 45 Eur, T-shirt 16 eur, bed or floor accomodation around 55/20 eur, 35eur for 20 tokens for three day for drinks and foods (about foods&drinks

I know, it's a little bit late to find a third player, but we hope, someone will be happy to play with us.
Please contact me here or send me an e-mail to the

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