3rd Oradea Tournament

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3rd Oradea Tournament

Beitragvon ERTZ » Mo 15. Okt 2018, 10:58

Hey PoloPeople,

I recommend you the last outdoor Tournament of the season, in Oradea.
It's a very familiar tournament in Romania, and it's not too far from the Hungarian-Romanian border.
Every details are here:
It's very easy to get there, there are Flixbus directly From Vienna to Oradea, and it was cheaper like travel to Budapest and from there by shared car :D Ask Mateen for the experience :)
Accomodation by local players are for free, and newbies are warmly welcome too. We take a newbie team from Hungary too. Good start for them for collecting tournament skills. There are 7 registered teams at the moment. So it means more round Robin, if we have less team : :lol:
I know, it's a little bit late to advertise it, but if you are free for the weekend, just come and play polo.
Basic plans for the schedule:
Friday evening: building, pickups, beers
Tournament starts on each day from 10-11 a.m., ends on Sunday, around 5 p.m. (i think they can solve before your bus leave.)
If you have any question, just ask me or drop your question on the tournament event.

And I'm technically free agent, so I'm still looking for a team ;)
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