Frankonian Rhapsody VI 30.5/1.6

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Frankonian Rhapsody VI 30.5/1.6

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Each team has to send a postcard (!) not later than 17th of April 2019 to this address (the postcard HAS TO ARRIVE until 17th of April! - late postcards will end at the waiting list!!!):
Tim Schlenker
Komotauer Str. 45
90480 Nürnberg

Confirm the sending of your postcard also per e-mail to

Please provide the following information (postcard & e-mail):
- team name
- player`s names and cities

Registration fee:
45 € / Team

Postcards so far:
1. "Maria Hilf" (D) – Phil, Dodi (München), August (Ingolstadt)
2. ...

1 court (48x24m, boards height 1m) with floodlight (court will be open until 22:00 h)

Tournament format:
standard 3v3, 20 Teams (like the years before we offer one spot for every country that sends a Team. The 2/3 rule will be applied here, so the country where the majority is from counts. In case all three players are from different countries, they will end up in the International Slot. Forget your passports, the current residency is important. If there is more than one Team - we draw. The remaining spots will be drawn from one big pot)

Tournament schedule:
Thursday (public holiday) (from 15:00 h): Welcoming and pickups

Friday (9:00-21:00 h): 5 rounds Swiss rounds in 2 groups

Saturday (9:00-19:00 h): Top 4 (1st and 2nd of both Friday groups) play against the other 2 top teams of the Friday groups. Bottom 16 plays 3 Swiss rounds to determine the other 4 teams that will advabce to the final rounds. Afterwards single elimination with 8 teams.

Host Club:
Bike Polo Nürnberg
1. FCN Roll- und Eissport e.V. ... 3464589133

We will try to organise private housing for every player from Thursday until Sunday.

We will offer a free breakfast and vegan lunch for all players on Friday and Saturday! Furthermore there will be a grill for your own meat and veggies.

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