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badeschluss single-shuffle-tournament

Posted: Thu 30. Sep 2021, 19:44
by metriod
Event by Andreas Denkmair
Duration: 1 day
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

- one last, glorious gettogether 2021
- we will split the costs (300€) among the participants.
- please bring your own food and drink.
- send me an email to: or a pm for confirmation, if you come for one (which?) or two days and if you need a place to sleep (i dont know yet how many couches and yoga-mats linz will provide).
- please mind the covid-rules: you need a recent covid-test (i will provide a few, if you dont get to do it in advance), or you had 2 vaccinations or you already had it. on the court we are fine, off the court be aware of the distance to your polofriends.
- i think we will do some kind of singleplayer shuffle thingy, but i guess some of you will only play one day, so we will keep it simple and chilled.
weather of course will be an issue, if it is too rainy we will have to cancel. no excuses if it is "just" cold.
keep healthy & spread the word!