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Vilnius Hazardous Open

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Probably not a lot of You know but HBO's Chernobyl mini series was mainly shot in Vilnius, most of it in Fabijoniškės district, some 2 minutes walk from the court. To be precise 60 out of 88 days of filming were spent in Vilnius.

This year 26th of April marks 34 years when Chernobyl disaster occurred. Come teleport Yourself 34 years back into soviet district of Vilnius, also experience western side of the city, ride through medieval old town, score some goals, meet new friends, drink beers, have fun!

Format: Changed to standart 3 vs 3 (teams)
Max teams: 16
Surface: New smooth asphalt
Court: OSB boards
Atmosphere: Radioactive!

Registration is open till March 22nd: (team name, city)
Registration confirmed once paid to:
2 spots reserved for locals

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