1. European Masters

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1. European Masters

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To Register please send an email to european.masters@web.de
untill 31/05/2019.
But remember the rules:
1. The minimum age for active players is 35!
2. The minimum combined age for a Team is 120 years!

Both rules have to be observed! (!!!! minimum age 35+ AND combined age 120+!!!!)

Rule No.1 and Rule No.2 will become law with the first joust of the tournament!

To Register please send an email to european.masters@web.de

We try to keep a free Agent list updated! (please post your age to if you are a free Agent)

If we end up with more then 16 Teams we will have a lottery!!!

1 court (48x24m, boards height 1m) with floodlight (court will be open until 22:00 h)

Tournament format:
Standard 3v3, 16 Teams, no double elim

Tournament schedule:
Friday (from 15:00 h): Welcoming and pickups

Saturday (9:00-21:00 h): Swiss rounds

Sunday (9:00-19:00 h): also Polo

Host Club:
Bike Polo Nürnberg
1. FCN Roll- und Eissport e.V.

https://de-de.facebook.com/pages/Bikepo ... 3464589133

We will try to organise private housing for every player from Friday until Sunday.

We will offer a free breakfast and vegan lunch for all players on Saturday and Sunday! Furthermore there will be a grill for your own meat and veggies.

Nürnberg Teams
The Belgian Tourniquet (Elizabeth, Antoine, Vincent)
The Masters of Puppets (Kevin, Christof, Gabor)
We can dance your name (on request) (Thomas, Tom, Jirka)

In the lottery:
1. The Chippendales (Pedro, Fabi, Moggi) 41+45+43 GER
2. Bambule (Nico, Dany, Elena) GER
3. Dynamique Bizarre (Holger, Daniel, Tom ) 42+42+44 GER
4. Richies Bitches (Richie, Franky, Aljoscha) GER
5. Juha Mieto (Arto, Sauli, Antti) 36+41+46 FIN
6. Tigers (Tobia, Cento, Mattia) 35+44+51 ITA
7. Furios Friends (Olaf, Jörn, Marcel) 45+38+40 GER
8. Barbapapa (Jasmin, Benjamin, Emmanuel) 43+36+49 FRA
9. August allein zu Haus (Domi, Bebe,Sepp) GER
10. TBA (Jupp, Jamie, Lo) 40+43+39 GER
11. Paradox (Jerry, Wheeler, Ziemek) 44+40+44 POL
12. Pokoyo (Pablo, Jfran, Thomas) 36+36+55 FRA
13. FastForward (Massimo, Scimmia, Federico) 53+39+37 ITA
14. Grey Phoenix (Chukker, Beagle, Cam) 46+40+36 GB

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