Berlin:mixed 2019 2.-4.August

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Berlin:mixed 2019 2.-4.August

Beitragvon Jonas » Fr 21. Dez 2018, 13:46

Save the date!

More info coming soon.
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Re: Berlin:mixed 2019 2.-4.August

Beitragvon Philipp » Do 3. Jan 2019, 22:23

Anmeldung ist Ende Jänner. Sucht wer noch einen Mitspieler?
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Re: Berlin:mixed 2019 2.-4.August

Beitragvon Johanna » Fr 4. Jan 2019, 10:25

Happy New Year to the poloverse!

With the new year we changed our registration procedure.
Did we say lottery? Did we say WTNB*-majority preferred? Yes, we did!

Here's all you need to know to get your teams ready:

- This is a three-day-tournament. Please register only, if your whole team can be available on Friday morning.

- The tournament can host 48 teams. There will be a number of set (i.e. local) teams. The exact number will be known a few days before the registration. These teams will not enter the lottery.

- Registration will start in the afternoon of January 25th and will be open for 24 hours.

- Shortly after we'll do the LOTTERY to fill the total of 48 slots.
Teams with two WTNB players will be preferred in the lottery.

(EDIT: "preferred" does not mean that WTNB-majority teams are automatically in. It just means that of all teams that registered for the spots to fill the 48 spots, those with two WTNB players will get 2 lives in the lottery.
Example: Let's say we have 20 set teams. This means that 28 slots get into the lottery. Now let's say 50 teams registered for the lottery. This means, we have to eliminate 22 teams and put them on the waiting list. So we take out one team at a time and put them on the waiting list. If your team is drawn but has two WTNB players, it'll be thrown in the pool again. If it's drawn a second time, it'll go on the waiting list.)

- After the lottery, all 48 participating teams will be asked to confirm by paying the registration fee of 60 Euros. If they don't do so on time, their spot will be given to a team on the waiting list and they will be moved to the end of the waiting list.

The fee includes water and snacks (fruit, bars,...) throughout the three tournament days. We won't be offering breakfast this year. (We don't want to attract millions of wasps anymore. Also, not all of you can be there in the morning due to the group schedules. Water and snacks seems more fair here.)

We wish it was August already...

(WTNB: Women and Trans/Non-binary people)
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Re: Berlin:mixed 2019 2.-4.August

Beitragvon metriod » Fr 4. Jan 2019, 18:35

Philipp hat geschrieben:Anmeldung ist Ende Jänner. Sucht wer noch einen Mitspieler?

Gutes Turnier hast du dir da ausgesucht!
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