Stick or treat 7 - Milano

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Stick or treat 7 - Milano

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Stick or Treat 7
Halloween Masked Tournament
31st October–1st November 2020

Milano Bike Polo is pleased to present the seventh edition of "Stick or Treat", the classic winter tournament hosted by Milano Bike Polo, which will take place at the Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito in Milan.
Stick or Treat is the Italian Halloween tournament, being disguised, only as a pandemic Halloween can demand, is recommended for every team because, of course, there will also be the "Best Mask" and "Best Mask" prizes.
This year there won't be many sponsors, we don't feel like asking for help given the problems many have suffered due to the ongoing pandemic, so we apologize in advance, but we are confident and willing to offer everyone the best experience .
We advise everyone to inform themselves and observe the provisions of their region and / or country, to be aware of the security measures and mandatory actions to be observed in case of entry into Lombardy and Italy.
Useful links: (ENG) ... oronavirus... (ENG)
Follow the event to stay updated!

❥ Format
Indoor masked tournament
Team mandatory Halloween-themed mask
1 court 18x36mt
3 vs 3
18 teams max.
Registration fee (€45 per team) must be paid in advance

❥ Registrations
Team Registration form:
Registration fee payment:
To consider the registration valid, the advance payment of the registration fee must be made through PayPal by Sunday 25th October 2020 (included).
By this date all the TBAs must be resolved, otherwise, we will try to join the teams with TBAs considering possible Free Agents.
If the registered teams do not pay the registration fee within this period, other teams on the waiting list will advance to the confirmed team list.

❥ Program
We’re working on it, coming soon!

❥ Services
Breakfast, Bar and Restaurant (lunch + dinner), Toilettes.
Free fruits and snacks during playing time hours.

❥ How to reach us
Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
via Antoine Watteau 7, 20125 Milano

❥ Hospitality
It will be possible to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday night, at Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito’s hostel, upon request in the registration form, at the cost of a small contribution to support the project. Recall that the beds are limited, but you can camp with mattresses and sleeping bags in the same rooms of the hostel. Baths and laundry available.

❥ Team list (teams with a ✅ have paid and are confirmed)
1. Milano 1 (TBA, TBA, TBA)
2. Milano 2 (TBA, TBA, TBA)
3. Milano 3 (TBA, TBA, TBA)
4. Milano 4 (TBA, TBA, TBA)
5. Milano 5 (TBA, TBA, TBA)

❥ Waiting list teams
*not yet*


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Re: Stick or treat 7 - Milano

Post by Johanna »

irgendwer interesiert? wenn mehr fahren könnten wir das mit dem auto tun

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