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EHPA Newsletter

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We better get this Party started... EHPA Newsletter 04/16

Dear Polo Europe,

welcome to the first edition of the EHPA Newsletter.
From now on we want to inform you monthly about the what's, who's and when's of the european and global polo scene. And since the tournament season is already in full throttle, there's no time to waste, so let's dip right into the juicy details!

We have been working on the EHBPC ‘16 and as many of you might have heard, our only solid bid was coming from Bucharest Bike Polo. The candidature was strong, though it required the resurfacing of the location, which at this point we cannot afford as a community.

Luckily, Torino and La Rochelle stepped up and offered to help. However, as it is already late in the year, things will have to move quickly and compromises may have to be made.

We want to use this opportunity to update you on the current situation and also to generate as much help as possible.

Both cities can offer a venue big enough for a regular EHBPC to be played.

Torino has already asked for the permit to hold the event, but since we are talking about Italian bureaucracy here, the amount of time it will take to have it issued is hard to estimate. La Rochelle is also still working on the permit, and has the advantage of having gone through it for the French Championships. We are really hoping that one of these venues will make it through the permission process. Otherwise, we will have to work towards a 32 team/2 courts format.

Regardless of the location of the venue, we will need your help!

Please gather the members of your club, tell them about the state of things and make those who want to help fill out this form:

(Don’t sweat it, there are only 5 fields to be filled in!)

We will need help with everything so it doesn’t matter what you are good at.

However, the following are some areas that need work:


•Digital infrastructure (website, podium etc...)

•Video streaming/commenting



•Catering (cooking/food trucks)

•Entertainment (party anyone?)


•Volunteering during the tournament (schedule enforcement, court building...)

And if you don’t fit into any of the groups, just leave a comment on the form and let us know all about your amazing abilities. Maybe you have some ingenious ideas that we just haven’t thought of yet or maybe you rock at kicking people’s butts to make them move (this could help with getting the teams on court in time and is in general a pretty versatile ability). We want to know it ALL!

Please do it ASAP. As long as everyone contributes, we should be able to make EHPC'16 a reality.

On top of this, we need to start building structures that the Championship organizers can build upon year after year, so the quality of the tournaments improves while the workload remains manageable.

We think that some of you are full of energy and ideas and would love to make an impact on the sport, making it more awesome and more fun. Those will have the opportunity to join the EHPA, as members of the committee (upcoming elections) or as members of focus groups.

We can’t wait to get all those motivated responses from you guys!



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