EHBC 2017

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EHBC 2017

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von facebook:

"Dear Europolo

We finally want to give you some fresh news on EHBC 2017.

Bikepolo in Europe is growing and we have 27 active countries today. In previous years every country got their spot on euros. However, the event is not going to get bigger and we need to react to the difficulty of finding a host for a smaller EHBC tournament.

For this reason we will try a new way of qualifying for this year.

We will have 11 regions that are grouped by strength and geography. Some regions are smaller than others which also means they are traditionally stronger. Every region gets 2 main event slots plus 1 wildcard slot. The remaining slots are given to regions according to the top 16 (main) and 17th-24th (wildcard) from 2015. The results from Dominion Cup 2016 are not counted.

The slots are as follows:
Iberia (ESP, POR): 3x main, 2x wildcard
France (FRA): 9x main, 3x wildcard
British Islands (GBR, IRE): 2x main, 1x wildcard
BeNeLux (BEL, NED, LUX): 3x main, 1x wildcard
Germany (GER): 6x main, 1x wildcard
Switzerland (SUI): 3x main, 3x wildcard
Italy (ITA): 3x main, 2x wildcard
Central East (AUT, CZE, SVK): 2x main, 2x wildcard
South East (CRO, HUN, SLO, ROM, TUR, SRB): 2x main, 2x wildcard
North East (POL, UKR, BLR, RUS): 3x main, 1x wildcard
North (LAT, LIT, FIN, NOR, SWE, DEN, RUS): 2x main, 1x wildcard

+1 main slot for Perpignan

Regional qualifiers have to be organized locally and the results communicated to EHBA as soon as possible.

You will find more inos in this .pdf: ... kQJBD2gmjk

For any further questions comment below or send us a message!

The EHBA committee"

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Re: EHBC 2017

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Re: EHBC 2017

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ups, sorry ;)

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